[Elfsea] Awards at KWDMS IV

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Tue Jun 10 10:07:15 PDT 2003


I'd like to announce all the awards that were given out this weekend.  It
was a wonderful court by Lord and Lady Elfsea and by the Crown.  Court ended
with an awsome dance performance in honor of Ansteorra sent by the Crown of
Lochac performed by Master Delbert from Lochac and Lady Adell from the

The following awards were given:

Seamus O'Dubdah - Portcullis of Elfsea
Liaden Bregh - Queen's Glove
Iames Lochlainn - King's Gauntlet
Philip White - Sable Crane
Guillaume de Troyes - Sable Crane
Brighid of Glenbaum - Sable Thistle in Dance
Helene Quivrement - Sable Thistle in Banner Making
Morgan Ellisse - Sable Thistle in Music
Isabeau Lallement - Iris of Merit
Ariane Lancaster - Iris of Merit
Rixende de Rouen - Iris of Merit

Please congratulate these people as you see them.  They are very hard
working, and their recognition was well deserved.

~Philip White, KWDMS IV Event Steward

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