[Elfsea] Results of the Geek Test

Terri Head Terri at pandora.org
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Here's my test score: 9.46746% - Geekish Tendencies  ... so that means the Barony isn't as geeky as you thought! lol!

Just doing my part...
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>It explains this:  That only a True Geek would bother to sit down and figure
>it out.
>Alaric (Who turns out to be a 41.22288% Major Geek - odd, I would have
>thought the motorcycle and gun collection would have mitigated that
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>After doing some quick math, I have the results of the Geek Test that
>everyone has been doing.
>The Average GEEK FACTOR in Elfsea, based on 33 people posting their results,
>the lowest score being 8.48126 and the highest being 76.33136 (not
>mentioning names), is 39.96106, which makes this Barony a Major Geek?
>Does this explain anything?
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