[Elfsea] Re: Ebay Alert

Matthew G. Saroff msaroff at pobox.com
Wed Jun 11 11:01:34 PDT 2003

On Wed, 11 Jun 2003, Stacy E. Dickey wrote:

> The seller lives in Tampa, not far from a friend of mine. He's going
> to check it out today or tomorrow, in person. He thought to ask about
> the shield and why it isn't pictured. They said it's 19"x32"
> inches... which is a *very* standard size/shape for Trimarian
> shields. I'm sure my friend will be able to figure it out and will
> make a post to the Trimaris banster list.
	Here's a thought, the college of heralds might actually be able to
shed light on the provenance of the armor.
	That is way cool.
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