[Elfsea] KWDMS & Highland Games Thanks (long)

Armand Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Wed Jun 11 17:29:06 PDT 2003

Greetings Elfsea!

"Thank you!" to all those who helped at the Knowne World Dance & Music
Symposium this past weekend, as well as those who volunteered at the
Highland Games demo. It was inspiring to see so many lend assistance. HL
Philip and Lord Ceatta each did marvelous jobs with their respective events.

"Muchas Gracias" to Lady Maria for thanking many of the volunteers at the
Highland Games demo and her work with the A&S and providing the fighter's
favors and Daniel & Siobhan's embroidered devices for the Blue & White.
Thanks also go to Timothy for the Newcomer's scroll and Rixende for the
Newcomer Revel invitations. Both of those looked wonderful and I believe
virtually all of them got handed out.

I know on Friday's setup we had Ceatta, Robyn, Caelin, Ker Megan, Fearghus,
Raimond, Stella, William,  Cassandra, Daniel of Cameron and Anezka. Most of
those at setup were there at tear down as well and I remember also seeing
Timothy, Irina, Arabella, Llywellyn, Tomas & Rixende, Genvieve & Seamus,
Morgan Cain and I saw Logan & Madelina policing the area for trash.

Additional Thanks go out to Stella, Tomas/Rixende and Caelin/Pyro for the
use of their personal pavilions. Anezka and Tera <sp?> helped all-day, both
days with water bearing and I saw Don Alaric, Raimond, Caelin, Tristan &
Darius (among others) out there marshaling many rounds. Also among others, I
saw Rixende, Timothy and Raimond actively walking the crowd during the
fighting demos and Duchess Larissa, and Duchess Willow helping with
hospitaling. Other distinguished visitors included Earl Duncan, Duke
Jonathan, Duke Seamus and HE Magery de Bray and Loch Ruadh's Lord Dohmnall.

Many fighters, I know I'll miss one or two but, there was: Vix, Dux, Aria
<sp> (R-E-A), Stella, Tristan, William, John (Donnel's husband), Daniel
Stewart (armored up both days but only got to fight on Sunday), Fearghus,
Duncan, Jonathan, Wolf, Seamus, Ceatta, Caelin, Brighid, Daniel of Cameron
and Dirk. I'm sure there were more. (Note to self: don't wait 3 days to give

Master Airaklee announced the reformation of the Arthurian Company and
confirmed HL Fearghus and Lord Seamus as the first this year to commit
themselves to this historic fighting unit.

And "Thank you" to His Lordship Philip White for listing the awards that
were given at the KWDMS. (quoted below) In addition to those, a few more
were given at the Games.

Irina Moreskaia - Rising Star of Ansteorra (from Steppes Warlord)
William Palfrey - Portcullis (from Springfaire)
Seamus' Portcullis had also been intended for last Springfaire

The 2 Normans (Lord William & Lord Tristan) made admirable efforts to engage
the spectators and fought a thumb-wrestling match to determine the holder of
the Mace. After a fierce dual, Ld. William honorably yielded and Lord
Tristan holds the Mace until next year's demo. The buckler went to Lord
Seamus for his amazing "deaths". :-)

Once again, thank you all. If I've neglected to list your name, well, it's
on purpose. Yeah, just to see if you're paying attention. Yes, that's it. So
please let me know that you were paying attention, so that others might know
as well. :-)

In the service of kingdom, crown and Elfsea, I remain,
-=Armand Dragonetti=-
Lord Elfsea

From: "CE Huse/Lady Maria" <ldy_maria at sbcglobal.net>
> Hola!
> I wanted to say "Muchas Gracias!!" to the following for helping with the
> pavillion (in no particular order):
> Displayed Items:
> HL Rixende -- Glass Beads
> Dama Anezka -- Knitted Shawl in progress, Handmade Cards for Card Weaving,
> Bead Loom
> HL Robin -- Dyed Yarn, and woven cloths
> HL Raimond -- Book on Knives and Swords
> Mistress Stella -- Inkle Loom and examples of loomed bands
> Lord Kerrick -- Bows, Arrows and Leather Quiver
> Lady Ker Meagan aka Pyro -- Drop Spindles, Chail Mail head thing, Wool,
> various Leather pieces
> A&S Demos:
> HL Robin -- Spinning (drop and wheel)
> Dama Anezka -- Inkle Loom/Card Weaving
> Mistress Stella -- Inkle Loom
> Lady Ker Meagan aka Pyro -- Drop Spinning, Carding, Needlepoint, and Card
> Weaving
> HL Arabella -- Scroll Painting
> Lady Genvieve -- Inkle Loom
> ?? (She got her Rising Star this weekend) -- Inkle Loom
> Manning Tables:
> Lady Aislyn
> Lord Kerrick
> Mistress Rosalie
> Master Darius
> Lady Genvieve
> Lord Donmhal
> Setting Up/Breaking Down the pavilion:
> Mistress Rosalie
> Master Darius
> HL Robin
> HL Rixende
> Lady Genvieve
> Lady Ker Meagan aka Pyro
> Lord Caelin
> Did I miss anyone or spell your name wrong? If so, please let me know as
> soon as possible.
> Maria

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Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2003 12:07 PM
Subject: [Elfsea] Awards at KWDMS IV

> Greetings,
> I'd like to announce all the awards that were given out this weekend.  It
> was a wonderful court by Lord and Lady Elfsea and by the Crown.  Court
> with an awsome dance performance in honor of Ansteorra sent by the Crown
> Lochac performed by Master Delbert from Lochac and Lady Adell from the
> Middle.
> The following awards were given:
> Seamus O'Dubdah - Portcullis of Elfsea
> Liaden Bregh - Queen's Glove
> Iames Lochlainn - King's Gauntlet
> Philip White - Sable Crane
> Guillaume de Troyes - Sable Crane
> Brighid of Glenbaum - Sable Thistle in Dance
> Helene Quivrement - Sable Thistle in Banner Making
> Morgan Ellisse - Sable Thistle in Music
> Isabeau Lallement - Iris of Merit
> Ariane Lancaster - Iris of Merit
> Rixende de Rouen - Iris of Merit
> Please congratulate these people as you see them.  They are very hard
> working, and their recognition was well deserved.
> ~Philip White, KWDMS IV Event Steward

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