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One evening, in a pub located somewhere in Elfsea, a young lord steps up to
the barkeeper and orders a drink…

Lord: “Thank you for the drink.” <drinks some ale and wipes his lips>  “Is
there anything to do around here?”

Barkeep: “Well, there are many things to do here in Elfsea, we have many
guild meetings during the month.  In fact there is a party for new people
coming up pretty soon.”

“Amazing!  I had no idea that such things took place.”

“Why not?  Don’t you receive the Scroll?”

“No.  I’m afraid that I don’t.”

“Now that truly is amazing.  You know of course that the Elfsea Scroll is
only one dollar per issue and it comes out monthly.”


“And you must know how easy it is to sign up for it.”

“Well, umm…”

“Here now, you simply contact our Exchequer, Lady Aislyn.  She will take
your money and send your information over to the Chronicler.”

“The who?”

“The Chronicler, Lord William.  He is this great fellow, who…  Well, now I
digress.  He is the gentleman who publishes the Scroll and sees to it that
it is filled with great articles of interest to the populace of the Barony.”

“Really?  He does this all by himself?”

“Of course not!  Members of the populace submit the articles.  It is great
to read what your friends write.”

“Please, pour me another ale and tell me more…”

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