[Elfsea] Awards at KWDMS

Melinda Turnage ceinwenswan at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 12 07:45:07 PDT 2003

Gerita wrote:
>It is my understanding, admittedly from the lips of others as i was still
>sitting at Gate, that Lady Anne Dragonslayer received a Sable Comet after
>the main Court was held.  Could this be true?

Yes.....now that the word is out.....
Anne was awarded the Sable Comet for her work with Glaslyn.

The award was read into law at our last event (Glaslyn's Defender of the
Flame) on March 29th.  But since she was hospitalized, she was unable to

Congratulations Anne and SOOOOOOOOO well deserved!

In service,

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