[Elfsea] Almost Free Radios

S. M. Pelfrey smp99harp at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 13 08:31:59 PDT 2003

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Fry's has a pair of 2 mile radios on sale for 25 dollars with a 25 dollar
rebate.  You still pay sales tax.  These are nice for trips to fairs to track
kids and split parties or just tracking children in general.  These would also
be nice for doing jobs in the barony. (Autocrats, Security, ect...) Elfsea can
not purchase these with baronial funds,  no way to obtain the rebates.

Two thoughts, one is that enough people in the Barony will have them so that
they can be used at events when someone is doing a particular job.  Number two
would be for those that are not interested in owning them personally, to
purchase them and provide them to the Barony.  Either way, this is a great
deal and these radios are just too handy.

Note: Fry's has a limit of two (while supplies last),  the rebates are a limit
of three per household.(no P.O. Boxes, no business addresses)  if you have
played the rebate games before you know the fine print.


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