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Kathy Dale pakldr at swbell.net
Mon Jun 16 04:31:24 PDT 2003

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Good morning.

As some of you may already know, Richard and I recently came to a fork in the road of our lives.  Due to my lack of steady employment in the area's job market I have decided to relocate to the Bordermarch area to stay with friends(rent their guest house) for a while.

The house I am moving to is much smaller than the one here and I don't have room for everything.  There are some things that I am donating to a non profit organization, however this is your heads up that what ever is left at the end of the week is up for grabs.  As of today, this includes a china cabinet that is all one piece and needs 4 people and a truck or trailer to move.

My plan is that Richard and I will finish packing and clearing out today and tomorrow, I make a run down Wednesday/back on Thursday, and publish a confirmation Thursday evening for any interested parties to come by on Friday.

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