[Elfsea] Purse, Tableware and Feast Gear, Miscellaneous - Consolidated Warlord 30 Lost-and-Found List #2

Morgan Cain (Ansteorra) morgancain at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 16 11:14:28 PDT 2003

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Now that a number of items have been claimed, I am resending the list of items remaining.  Please circulate these on your local lists, as I know many people do not read the Kingdom or Baronial lists.  There are two lists (down from three!) of items.

If several items were left together, they are included in the same listing.  "LIH" means the item was left in the hall; other items came from outside.  If an item is yours and you don't care to have it returned, let us know.  It will then go into Baronial largesse or be auctioned at some future event to benefit a Kingdom cause.

Contact Morgan Cain - morgancain at earthlink.net - to arrange return of your items.

Purse:   Black leather purse, contains wallet, receipt from use of debit card
        Last four numbers of debit card are 5679
        Wash soaked but dried it is in fine condition.

Tableware, Eating Gear, Drinking Vessels (NOTE:  Tablecloths and napkins are in the other message, under "Clothing and Other Fabric Items"):

1)    Two kitchen spoons, black nylon

3)    Grey mug, with rings (LIH)

4)    Wooden bowl, about 8" across, highly lacquered

5)    Wooden plate, about 10" across, small rim

6)    Square trencher

7)    Round pewter dish with rim, art deco-style trim, had contained chocolate

8)    Wooden plate, slightly depressed in centre, about 12" across, incised rim

9)    Large (12" or so) square wooden plate

10)    Large (16-18" across) silver tray, round, about 3/4" deep

11)    Large brass tray with latticework pattern cut in sides/rim.


1)    Oval wooden collapsible table

3)    "Tombstone" sign, with poem (LIH)

4)    Blue glass bottle, contents unknown, white stopper (LIH)

5)    Small lantern, in bubble wrap - new

6)    Blue tote with lid, small

7)    Several washcloths or dishcloths, various colours
        (these were not all found together, claim your own)

8)    Silver/brown tarp, small size

9)    First aid kit, small

10)    Yellow tassel with black (class item?) (LIH)

11)    Four skeins embroidery floss    (LIH)
        Ansteorran-colours needleroll
        string of garnet chips
        copper bead
        twisted red/white cord

12)    Green bin, large size, without lid

13)    Lipstick, L'Oreal Endless #830 - "Naked Ambition"  (LIH)

14)    Pencil sharpener, pink  (LIH)

16)    Silver metal rod, about 12" long (LIH)

17)   Yellow wooden pan pipe

20)    Piece of dark red fabric, feels rubberized

21)    Plastic joint (knee or elbow), Bauer V-Tech, black with green

22)    Basket containing round hairbrush,
        Blue and grey plastic kit of pins and fastenings
        Energy Shots and Power Gels
        Wooden box with brass trim (empty)
        Small black and gold brocade cushion

23)    Bottom only, white foam cooler, 12-pack size

24)    Two-pound sledge

25)    Black plastic hose, about three feet long, red gizmos on the edge

26)    Dark rose pink bath towel

28)    Yellow cloth or banner, printed with crosses and birds in black.

29)    Package of Coghlan's mosquito coils

30)    Children's Books  (LIH)
        Treasury of Virtues
        Little Critter's Read-It-Yourself Storybook

31)    Umbrella, collapsible, dark pink and grey, wooden handle

32)    Three stakes, assorted
        One screwdriver, flat, small

33)    Grease pencil (LIH)

34)    Large clear plastic Rubbermaid Clever-Lock bin, with lid
            One of the four hinges appears to be broken, but it works fine

35)    1 oversized purple Rubbermaid Roughneck tub with duct tape on it to hold it
closed. Inside it are the following:
        2 fry pans
        1 Coleman propane fuel
        3 camp cooking pot lids
        2 spatulas
        1 ladle
        1 knife
        1 blue sterilite bin with SCA in black marker
        Possibly some of the kitchen cloths belong in here (see other message)

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