[Elfsea] I'm home

Vicki Marsh XaraXene at attbi.com
Mon Jun 16 17:59:05 PDT 2003

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Just a note to let my friends know that I got home from the hospital last
Friday.  I've been sleeping a lot - drugs and the after-effects of
anesthesia do that to me - so I haven't felt like writing very much.

I wanted to publicly thank Arabella, Maria, and Donnel for helping Llywelyn
and I through this tough time.  His project has hit crunch time (and we do
like to keep those paychecks rolling in!). Llywelyn got Arnbjorn and Sam
packed up and off to Scout Camp, so the dogs and I are being quiet and

Not many people will get up in the wee hours of the morning, drive you to
the hospital, and sit with you until you are taken into the operating room -
Arabella did that for me.

Not many people will be there for you when you get out of surgery and go to
battle with the floor nurses to make sure you aren't starved to death -
Maria did that for me.

Not many people will safeguard your home your pets, and your children -
Donnel, Maria, and Arabella did that for me.


Those who called and wished me well, or sent me an e-mail to cheer me up -
thank you for reaching out the hand of friendship.

As for the surgery, my right foot - the weightbearing one - has "THE BOOT"
on it (you know the one - looks like a stormtrooper's tap shoe) and five
stitches in the heel.  The left one looks like a Q-Tip for the Jolly Green
Giant wrapped with an ace bandage around it.  It must be elevated just about
all the time or it feels like someone is taking multiple tourniquets and
winding them very tightly around my ankle and foot. The Darvoset and Soma
combination does a lot of good, but my knitting is suffering (Oops, dropped
another stitch, but who cares? Snore......) I get to take it off next
Tuesday and get a cast on it. yahoo....If I make it to Coronation, I'll
bring the multicolored Sharpies again for the C & I folks:)

Anyway, I've ordered chinese food to be delivered and it's here.

Hugs to you all,

Tomorrow, Llywelyn and I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. Fortunately,
Macaroni Grill has a take-out:)

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