[Elfsea] In need of a few fighters

Armand Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Mon Jun 16 22:48:04 PDT 2003

Greetings Chivalric Fighters!

Some of you may know that I am also involved in martial arts training. This
week, the Outbound Karate school is hosting a survival camp (think "Lord of
the Flies") for their students and have asked me to come by Thursday evening
to help instruct their students on effective shield defense. The students
will be divided into several "tribes" and will learn survival skills
including "raiding" the other camps, defending against the raiders and
battling a camp "beast", in addition to more basic things like
fire-starting, cooking, etc. Mistress Stella has agreed to come  and help
and we will be in full armor for a mini-practice. The lead instructor, Mr.
Chance Burleson, was *very* excited when I proposed an sca fighter practice
on their grounds. So, if this sounds like fun, please join us on the
Burleson Dojo grounds (in Azle, TX) this Thursday at 7pm (thats ready to
fight at 7) for an additional fighter practice. The students will watch for
30-60 minutes or so, but we are welcome to practice as long as we want. I'm
not sure of the nighttime lighting, so please try to get there as early as
you can. The martial arts community seems a good prospect for recruiting new
fighters. While most of the students are 10 to 15, there will be several
adults and instructors whose interest is just waiting to be peeked. Maps to
the grounds can be found at:


Hope to see you there.


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