[Elfsea] Midsummer's and KWDMS Handouts

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Tue Jun 17 07:46:31 PDT 2003


We just had a great Known World Dance and Music Symposium here in Ansteorra.
  And to follow it, we have the always fun Midsummer's Masked Ball in

I'll be at Midsummer's with left over proceedings and dance books from the

The proceedings are awesome and have allot of valuable contact information
for all of the people who taught at KWDMS as well as having close to 90
pages of class handouts.

The dance books are really a collection of cheat sheets which give dances in
abbreviated form.  Dances are divided by style and have a key to the
abbreviated steps along with a step description.  Its a great resource if
you're at a ball, and you are not sure you remember all the steps.  This is
the Terpsichore book from the Barony of Cynnabar, republished here for KWDMS

To cover printing costs, the proceedings will be $5 and the dance books will
be $1.

Please contact me before or after the ball, or during on of the breaks and
I'll get you copies of what you need.

Your servant to command,
Philip White, KWDMS IV Steward

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