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Wed Jun 18 07:59:30 PDT 2003

Greetings unto the Barony!

I want to say thank you to each and everyone who came out to the Class
last night. We had 17 people in attendance, many of whom are

We started out by looking at Commercially available patterns and
discussing the good, the bad and the ugly. We looked at costuming books
to determine what styles people like. We discussed trim and fabric
selections. Unfortunately, time ran out on us before we could do much
patterning and sewing skills discussions.

Therefore, a few people will be returning to my home tonight to work on
pattern drafting, specifically a Byzantine outfit, and the woman's
cotehardie pattern. While the fighters are fighting at Bedford Boys
Ranch tonight, please come join us at the house for a work session.
Bring any supplies you may need for your project. Sewing machines,
serger and basic sewing notions are available for common use.

Doors open at 7:00, or slightly before if your fighter tends to show up
at practice on time.

Directions available by calling me at 817-797-1988 or Tomas at

In Service to Ansteorra, Elfsea and the Arts,

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