FW: [Elfsea] Possible problem with waivers and youth authorization

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Forwarded with permission from the KEM.
 - Xene

This is what I wrote:

Sir Randall,

This discussion is coming out over the Elfsea list.  I thought you might
want to deal with it.  Can't you still appoint authorizing deputies, such as
Daire, since you are the KEM?  This letter is in reference to the letter
from Meg Baron. (see bottom of e-mail).

The other thing is that now we can allow grandparents or other relatives to
be the "parent" for a youth fighter if the parents have sent along the
properly executed Medical Authorization Form for Minors - if it is written
into our Kingdom Law.

This is his reply:

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I believe that the letter from Meg has a typo in that they forgot to put the
rest of the rule in it.  The rule clearly states that the Earl Marshal, a
Principality Marshal, or a designated deputy may authorize a minor.  I am
currently seeking clarification from the Society Marshal.

Our Ansteorran rules state that a parent or legal guardian must be present
for a minor to participate.  We are also working on this issue to get it

Sir Randall der Krieger
Kingdom Earl Marshal
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