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Thank you for the info.  At this point, I am uncertain if I can make it.  Logan keeps the kids all week while I work, and he wanted a break away from them, as they have been little mosters this week.  He had breakfast with a friend, then last I heard, was roaming the aisles at Lowe's.  Lord knows if we will ever see him again.  I am so sorry to miss the revel.  I was looking forward to it.  I even made 15 bean soup.  :(


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> Lots of them from what I understand. We can use the
microwave and all the plug-ins we need. We just can't
use the stove.
I will be heading out to the site today by 6:30/7:00
for main set up. If you need to reach me after 3pm
please call my cell phone 817-366-6912.

See ya'll later :)
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> Are there electric outlets so that we might plug in
> crock pots?
> Ly Madelina de Lindesaya

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