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Lady saviti ddancer_saviti at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 22 07:33:07 PDT 2003


My heart is full of joy for the brightest stars in
Ansteorria live in Elfsea.
Yesterday at the New Comers Revel there was such an
exhibit of talent, knowledge, skill and a warm welcome
that I wanted to recognize those who were able to help
welcome those who are interested in the SCA.

First off to my brothers and sisters in the Fray. You
guys worked hard into the night hanging tapestries,
moving tables, loading and unloading, fighting,
pounding out armor and giving me moments of sanity.
Angelique, Milo, Thomas, Dux and Vix. "Thank you for
everything" just does not say enough but it does come
from the heart.

Her Grace Duchess Willow. You were kind and generous
with your time, energy, knowledge, tapestries and the
day would have been incomplete with out your Noble
Presence. Your pavilion with the beautiful feast table
display was truly eye catching. Your essay on Persona
Play will be given to all new comers in the future for
it is a wealth of information that will help those who
are yet to come. Thank you Your Grace. Once again you
have helped raise the bar.

Mistress Estella. I learn some thing new every time I
have the honor to spend time in your company. The
floor loom was magnificent! I had never seen one
before and WOW! The examples of natural dyes and the
sample of the plants used to create the lovely colors
provided a warm example of what was and what is
possible. Thank you for being there and adding so much
to this occasion. It was greatly appreciated.

To our Vicar and Vicaresss I send warm thank you's.
Amilene provided a colorful display of flelts, weaving
projects, a table loom and an inkle loom that little
children delighted in learning by play. The Baronial
display was lovely and provided a beautiful example of
fine feast ware.

To HL Robin who provided wonderous examples of drop
spinning, fibers and wools that I wished I had the
talent to create. Thank you for spending the day and
teaching so many how to use these earliest of tools.
You are a treasure Dear Lady.

Lord Caelin and Lady Pyro spent the day with us adding
so very much to the day's activities. The spinning and
weaving that went on that day was wonderful to behold
and I am greatful to both of you for helping work with
the New Comers and helping with the diffrent stations.
Thank you so very much for being there. You two added
that special touch to the occasion.

HL Phillip and Lady Bridgette. The music that filled
the hall was the perfect touch. I stood back at one
point and looked at the hall as if for seeing SCA for
the first time. As my eyes were delighted by the
sights my ears were happy to hear the sounds of such
courtly music. I even learned two dances! Thank you
for taking the time and energy to do this for I know
that Your Lordship was still unwell.

Master Darius and Mistress Rosile. Even though you
both had family commitments you both still took the
time to share your knowledge and skills. The rapier
display was eyecatching and the hearoldry with
insignia was inspiring. I am amazed at the talents and
diversity in your family. Thank you both so very much.
It would not have been the same with out you two.

Lady Innez. Your boundless energy and enthusiasm
inspire me to attain greater hights. You not only
found a hall for all this to take place but you helped
organize it, gather items, hang banners and then you
found the time to help take care of me. You work so
often and so very hard in the back ground to ensure
that others are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor
that you are not recognized as much as you should. I
thank you gentle Innez. You are an example of the
heart of the SCA.

To my Dearest Darling husband. Finnian. With out your
love and support I could not have done one tenth of
what was accomplished this weekend. You catch me if I
stumble and cheer me on to greater goals. You took the
time to create a wonderful armor display and even
managed to pound out some new knee cops. Thank you
Finnian. For everything.

The day ended with 13 new comers who are requesting
more information about the SCA and I know that this
number will only grow in time. We are on the cusp of a
new age in Elfsea. New energy, new ideas and new
friends are just around the corner. 
If you have time today and can make it to the park
please stop by for many of the new people are planning
to be there. Who knows...you could be shaking hands
with a future Laurel, Pelican or even King!

In service,
HL Brigit Ni Sheachnasigh

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