[Elfsea] Moot is tonight! 6/23/2003

Armand Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Mon Jun 23 09:45:42 PDT 2003

Greetings Fair Elfsea!

I heard some confusion at Sunday's practice regarding moot. Please be
assured that moot is TONIGHT at 7pm at the Coor's Distribution Center at
Meacham Blvd & I35W.

From: "Lady saviti" <ddancer_saviti at yahoo.com>
> Friends,
> My heart is full of joy for the brightest stars in
> Ansteorria live in Elfsea.

<snipped the well-deserved Thanks of some marvelous gentles!>

> The day ended with 13 new comers who are requesting
> more information about the SCA and I know that this
> In service,
> HL Brigit Ni Sheachnasigh

I want to add my voice to HL Brigit's in thanking everyone who put so much
effort into the Revel this past weekend. I was simply amazed. I will have a
few photos online soon. HL Brigit.....You are awesome! For you, your staff
and everyone who helped, I give a hearty VIVAT!

Some of those interested folks, who came to the revel, visited us again at
Sunday's fighter practice. I'll be surprised if we do not see a few again
this evening at moot. So please be there if you can and help us welcome some
new friends!

In the service of kingdom, crown & Elfsea, I remain,
Lord Armand Dragonetti
The Vicious Vicar of Elfsea

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