[Elfsea] Overhead Projector

Beth Zimmerman bethzimm at swbell.net
Mon Jun 23 10:45:44 PDT 2003

I have one.  It's an artist one but it will reflect a picture onto a wall.

Afrena U'Dunlainge
(817) 800-3079 

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No, but I'll have Logan keep his eye out next time he makes the auction
rounds.  Often schools and universities get rid of these when they get the
ones they can hook up to a computer.  You might try posting this to the Loch
Ruadh list, as well.  It seems to me that someone in the Barony has one.


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Does anyone have an overhead projector I could use to make some banners
with???  Or maybe an old, cheap one I could buy???
Bre'nainn/Noble (972)235-4824
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