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This is a good production; they had a sample at NTIF this year but it's the
full production for this show, not just recitatives.  I'll be there (in
mufti!), and suggest you order tickets early:

> At the Pocket Sandwich Theater on July 3
> DALLAS - "Into The West; The Civil War", a joint
> production by the Southwest Celtic Music Association
> (SCMA) and Boston Road Records, will be presented at
> the Pocket Sandwich Theater in Dallas on Thursday,
> July 3 at 8 PM.  The production recounts tales of
> Irish and other American experiences during the Civil
> War through use of traditional and original song,
> narrative, film and still imagery.
> "The Civil War" production will feature a variety of
> narratives, including authentic letters, histories,
> and memoirs from the era as well as popular songs of
> 19th century America. The show's production team has
> worked with several Civil War re-enactor organizations
> from the area to develop film and still imagery that
> will accompany the on-stage performance. Original
> music written by Jed Marum will also help tell the
> story.  Marum who performs and is also one of the
> principal creators of the production recently
> explained, "We have been developing this series with
> the continued help of director Judy Lanahan over the
> last few months. Together with the performance and
> production team we've refined the program into two
> one-hour sets."
> About "The Civil War" performers
> Jed Marum is a Dallas-based performer of American and
> Celtic folk. He renders an eclectic mix of tunes
> through his guitar, voice and songwriting. Mr. Marum
> has been working festival and club venues around the
> US for the last few years, playing traditional and
> original songs and telling stories of his family and
> the American immigrant. Boston Road Records is Mr.
> Marum's recording company and BRR is his primary
> recording label.
> Heather Gilmer is an Austin-based Celtic fiddler. She
> arrived in Texas from New England in 1994 and
> discovered Irish music. In 1997, she moved to Austin,
> where she found a place to play her music even before
> she found a place to live! Heather was a founding
> member of the "pan-Celtic" band, Poor Man's Fortune
> and has been the music and dance coordinator for the
> Austin Celtic Festival.
> Trinity River Whalers - Randy Christian, Micheal
> Price, and David Sparks, have recently branched off
> from the Blarney Brothers band to form this new group.
> Long-time favorites of the region's Irish Music
> lovers, the three musicians have toured the nation's
> Celtic music venues with great success over the last
> decade.
> Betty Blakley Waddoups is a Shreveport-based musician
> and plays with several Louisiana Celtic bands
> including The Conlys, and The Black Velvet Band. Ms.
> Waddoups worked with producer Paul Mills and
> singer/musician Jed Marum in Toronto on Marum's recent
> album, SOUL OF A WANDERER. She is a highly skilled and
> creative musician and a delightful whistle player.
> Production Team - Director, Judy Lanahan and Audio
> Engineer, Travis Ener while not appearing on stage,
> are equally important to the production. Ms. Lanahan
> has contributed her talents in theatre and film to
> many SCMA sponsored projects in recent years. She has
> been an integral part of the "The Civil War"
> production team contributing many long hours to
> historical research and the film that accompanies the
> show. Travis Ener has also worked with SCMA
> productions for several years.  Long known to the
> musician's community as the region's best "sound man,"
> Mr. Ener worked with the "Into The West" team on
> pre-production efforts and will be "at the console"
> for the July 3rd show.
> Tickets and location
> "Into The West; The Civil War" will be presented at
> the Pocket Sandwich Theater (www.pocketsandwich.com)
> located at 5400 East Mockingbird Lane in Dallas on the
> Southeast Corner of Mockingbird and Central
> Expressway, next to Jason's Deli. The one performance
> will be Thursday, July 3 at 8 PM. Tickets are $12 and
> available through The Pocket Sandwich Theater by
> calling 214.821.1860. Proceeds from the show will
> benefit both the performers and the Southwest Celtic
> Music Association.
> About the Southwest Celtic Music Association
> The Southwest Celtic Music Association (SCMA) is an
> all-volunteer organization promoting the study,
> performance and preservation of traditional Celtic
> music, dance and culture. Formed in 1983, it is a
> 501(c) 3 corporation located in Dallas and serves
> members in a five-state regional area. The SCMA hosts
> a website at www.scmatx.org. In March, the SCMA
> celebrated the 21st anniversary of their sponsorship
> of the North Texas Irish Festival (www.ntif.org) one
> of the largest Celtic events in the U.S.

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