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I notice this creature is called a Dust "Puppy". Is this a variation of a 
Dust Bunny or a different species entirely? Does the "Bunny" have long ears 
or a fluffy tail?

Heraldicly curious.
Gabriele deB

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>As one of two Kingdom Heraldic Education officers, I can note that this is 
>a good a worthy source, though has not been ruled upon by the Laurel 
>Sovereign of Arms as of yet.
>Noteworthy in this dictionary of positions for a dust bunny is the implicit 
>conclusion that must be drawn that, unlike all other period creatures, the 
>default facing for a dust bunny is to sinister.
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> >As many know to describe the positions of a creature the heralds use 
>specific terms. so how then does one blazon a Dust Bunny?
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> >go here to find out
> >http://www.userfriendly.org/static/dpdevice.jpg
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