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Morgan Cain (Ansteorra) morgancain at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 24 22:08:20 PDT 2003

Just letting people know in advance, as promised - because I am preparing for a garage sale later this summer, I have been pulling out all kinds of yarn, fabric, books, and other supplies.  Probably the afternoon of Sunday, July 6th, I will be having an informal open house (in conjunction with some cooking tests) during which people can come by and peruse the stuff I have piled up.  This is NOT a garage sale, but if something happens to go home with you, and you happen to leave money or barter behind.....

There is wool, and alpaca, and cashmere, and cotton/silk, and ......  You get the idea.  Some acrylics, too.  Chenille.  That's just the yarn.  There's fabric - things that don't seem to be sewing themselves into anything useful.  Trim.  Needlework books.  History books.  And whatever else gets piled in the living room before then.

Stay tuned for the time we'll be here, and other details.  Since people were fussing that my likely dates were against things like Coronation, I said I'd try to let people know if the items would be available for looking through before the garage sale.

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