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Hey, I took the http://dragonhame.com online Inner Dragon quiz and found out 
I am a Bronze Dragon on the inside. 

In the war between good and evil, Bronze Dragons take the side of the noble 
and good....
When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner 
dragon walks a fine line between Law and Chaos....
As far as magical tendancies, a Bronze Dragon's nature does not lend itself 
well to the ways of Magic....
During combat situations, a true Bronze Dragon prefers to defeat opponents by 
the use of spells and other tactics....
The inquisitive bronze dragons live along the beaches and shores of the 
remote islands. The Bronze Cliffs house many lairs, with open portals looking out 
upon the churning sea high up stone face, and entrances located deep below the 
surface of the water. No matter their age, bronze dragons tend to be the most 
cheerful and good-natured of dragonkind.'
They love the simple challenges of riddles and harmless contests, and often 
number master riddlers among their demihuman vassals. They are fascinated by 
warfare in all its forms, eagerly looking for just causes to champion with their 
armies of dragons and demihumans.'
Bronze hatchlings have yellow scales tinged with green. Only a hint of bronze 
shines upon these overlapping plates. This color deepens as the dragon ages, 
slowly turning to a rich bronze tone that darkens as the centuries pass. 
Bronze Dragons have a deep and abiding love for the sea and its good creatures, 
while they enjoy feasting on aquatic plant and sharks. Dragon lords especially 
appreciate gifts of pearls, which they consider to be delicacies.
This Dragons favorite elements are: Bronze, Pearls, and Nobility
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