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Milo LeRoux brigdon at tvcc.edu
Fri Jun 27 07:28:06 PDT 2003


    Angelique was in the other room working when I called her in to look at
this link and she asked me to tell you that this is precisely the sort of
thing she is/was looking for and to thank you for your trouble.
    I suppose that I should also thank you for myself for making my
pocketbook even lighter than it already was. LOL


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> Angelique wrote:
> >Thank you.
> >
> >I think right now I'd just like to see jewelery that is considered
> >My personna is 1100's so I guess that is what I am _most_ interested in.
> >I'm still trying to figure out what I'm looking for. : )
> >
> >Angelique
> ----------------------------------
> Greetings Angelique.  Raymond the Quiet is a merchant of some most
> jewelry.  Here is his website and I'm sure he would be willing to give you
> information for your time frame.  I've ordered his wares and have traded
> messages, he is a kind and knowledgeable man.
> http://www.quietpress.com
> In service,
> Ceinwen~
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