[Elfsea] Baronial Investiture Dates

Timothy Rayburn timothy at elfsea.net
Mon Jun 30 12:48:09 PDT 2003

>Greetings Elfsea!
> I wish to open up an online discussion regarding the possible dates,  for a baronial investiture.

>My question to you Elfsea is do you feel this way?

No, I do not feel that this is the case.

>Do you think it is too soon for a Baronial Polling to take place?

No, I do not ... I believe that if a polling was announced soon, it could be held as soon as Moot in July, and candidates could meet with the Crown at Steppes Artisan.  If a decision was made quickly it could leave nearly 2 months, much more likely about 6 weeks, to plan the investiture.  A small group of us recently planned a wedding in 10 weeks (with tournament, etc) to be added to a Defender ... this WHOLE Barony is surely capable of making a fantastically grand investiture occur in 6.

>Do you feel that now is the time and you would like to see a polling take place and the investiture made at Elfsea Defender XXV?

Yes, I feel that will be best for this Barony.  It is time to move on, and not dwell in the troubles in the past.

>Do the potential candidates feel like they would not have enough time to prepare a proper investiture if they were selected and were to be elevated at Elfsea Defender XXV?

Don't know, my lady and I do not expect to be candidates.  I stand ready to make certain that whoever is selected has a wonderful investiture though.

>Do the candidates feel like they would have enough time to make the proper preparations for an investiture at Elfsea Defender XXV?

As above, not likely to be a candidate.

>If not Elfsea Defender XXV when do you think this should take place by?

If not Defender, then we should add an event before the close of 2003.

>Another event within the barony?


>Another event outside the barony?

No!  Strongly no.

>Another event specially made for just the Elfsea Baronial Investiture?

This would be my second option.


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