[Elfsea] Baronial Investiture Dates

mordockvonrugen@comcast.net mordockvonrugen at comcast.net
Mon Jun 30 13:36:33 PDT 2003

I am a pushy person, who doesn't like to see things take any longer than
necessary, so I would like to see the investiture as soon as possible.

However, I also recognize that since this is an issue that requires a lot of
thought, and involves emotional considerations for more than just a few people,
I am already resigned to it taking longer than would a simple choice of logical
alternatives (like choosing a vendor at work, say).

I think realistically, we should probably expect to have an investiture no
sooner than November.  That gives possible candidates to be certain of their
ability and willingness to do the job, and time after announcement of candidacy
for the populace to talk things over with the candidates in order to make up
their minds.

My two cents - let's get a collection going :)


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