[Elfsea] Baronial Investiture Dates

Joe Pelfrey joepelfrey at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 30 14:28:45 PDT 2003

Cassandra and I do not think that Defender XXV is too soon to have a proper 
Baronial Investiture.

>Do you think it is too soon for a Baronial Polling to take place?

The polling decision is based upon how their Highnesses would like to 
interview the candidates.  Do they want to meet with all of the candidates 
and then have the names presented to the populace?  Or would they prefer for 
the populace to rank the candidates and then meet with the highest rated 
candidates?  As you can see there a couple of different ways to approach 
this.  Polling now is premature as it robs the new Crown of the ability to 
form their own opinion of the candidates without the pressure of the 
populace vote.

>Do you feel that now is the time and you would like to see a polling take 
>place and the investiture made at Elfsea Defender XXV?

Polling should begin in earnest once their Highnesses have been seated and 
met the candidates.  Investiture should take place at Defender.

>Do the potential candidates feel like they would not have enough time to 
>prepare a proper investiture if they were selected and were to be elevated 
>at Elfsea Defender XXV?

As a couple that will present themselves as candidates, we say yes.  Will it 
be easy?  No.  If this were up to the candidates alone, then we would think 
that it would be extremely hard to do.  This responsibility rests with the 
Barony, not just the chosen people.  The Barony can put together a proper 
investiture by Defender XXV.  Serious thought should be given to putting 
together an investiture team.  This would be a group of people that are 
willing to commit to the sewing, painting and any other tasks necessary to 
putting together a great investiture.

Also, any candidate that has given this decision serious thought has already 
begun their preparations.  We are not suggesting that they have already 
contacted people and booked a hall.  We are suggesting that they have 
already begun preparing task lists and are simply waiting for the proper 
time to begin open discussion with those that they would ask to be in their 

>Do the candidates feel like they would have enough time to make the proper 
>preparations for an investiture at Elfsea Defender XXV?

Our thoughts on this are stated above.  With the help of the Barony, any of 
the candidates can put together a proper and fitting investiture.

>If not Elfsea Defender XXV when do you think this should take place by?
>Another event within the barony?


>Another event outside the barony?

We do not feel that this is a good idea.  Obviously, if circumstances demand 
that this occur, then we should accept this and work with whichever group 
towards a cohesive event.

>Another event specially made for just the Elfsea Baronial Investiture?

This would be our third choice.  We would regret the cost to the Barony with 
regards to monetary and manpower expenditures.

In Service to the Barony,

William and Cassandra Palfrey

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