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> I have been made aware that Elfsea Defender XXV may not be a possibility 
> for a baronial investiture. It has been communicated to me that this would be 
> too soon of a date for the populace to make this kind of a decision. Also that 
> if we did move forward and did have a polling and a new baron and baroness 
> was chosen that these people would not have the time necessary to prepare the 
> kind of investiture they would want.
> My question to you Elfsea is do you feel this way?
> Do you think it is too soon for a Baronial Polling to take place?
> Do you feel that now is the time and you would like to see a polling take 
> place and the investiture made at Elfsea Defender XXV?
> Do the potential candidates feel like they would not have enough time to 
> prepare a proper investiture if they were selected and were to be elevated at 
> Elfsea Defender XXV?
> Do the candidates feel like they would have enough time to make the proper 
> preparations for an investiture at Elfsea Defender XXV?
> If not Elfsea Defender XXV when do you think this should take place by?
> Another event within the barony?
> Another event outside the barony?
> Another event specially made for just the Elfsea Baronial Investiture?
> Elfsea it is time to make you opinions known. Everyone has an opinion on 
> this subject. There is no right or wrong opinion on this subject. What is right 
> is that you share your opinion. What would be wrong would be to keep your 
> opinion to yourself. I expect to hear an opinion on this matter from every 
> person on this list. You are on this list because you care about what happens in 
> this great barony.
> Please, share your opinion as these opinions will shape our groups future.
> Thank you all for your time and attention to this matter.
> Master Richard Fairbourne
> Elfsea Seneschal

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