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> Recently I have been made aware that Elfsea Defender XXV may not be a 
> possibility for a baronial investiture. It has been communicated to me that this 
> would be too soon of a date for the populace to make this kind of a decision. 
> Also that if we did move forward and did have a polling and a new baron and 
> baroness was chosen that these people would not have the time necessary to 
> prepare the kind of investiture they would want.
> My question to you Elfsea is do you feel this way?

No, as you know we prepared for our investiture in one month and Galen and 
Allessandre had precious little more time than that. The whole Barony works 
together on these things and it works out fine.  

> Do you think it is too soon for a Baronial Polling to take place?

What, now? I think the contenders need to announce their intentions first and 
the polling should take place a month later so everyone has a chance to hear 
what all the contenders have to say. 

> Do you feel that now is the time and you would like to see a polling take 
> place and the investiture made at Elfsea Defender XXV?

I think it would have special meaning for a new Baron and Baroness to be able 
to be invested at Elfsea's 25th anniversary. 

> Do the potential candidates feel like they would not have enough time to 
> prepare a proper investiture if they were selected and were to be elevated at 
> Elfsea Defender XXV?
> Do the candidates feel like they would have enough time to make the proper 
> preparations for an investiture at Elfsea Defender XXV?
> If not Elfsea Defender XXV when do you think this should take place by?
> Another event within the barony?

Absolutely! However, The Tor likes their Yule Revel to be a small, intimate 
event. They got very upset the year they were told there would be a circle 
there. It would be best to check with them before planning to pile this much pomp 
and circumstance in their laps.

> Another event outside the barony?

Absolutely NOT. Everyone in the Barony should have the chance to see their 
new Baron and Baroness invested and many cannot travel these days.  

> Another event specially made for just the Elfsea Baronial Investiture?

No, the calender is so full now. But also, too many events have been wearing 
this barony out lately. There is so much to do between November and Gulf War, 
who would have the energy to put in the preparations this occasion deserves?  

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