[Elfsea] Baronial Investiture Dates

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I am posting this missive again to all the lists within our barony. I
apologize that I did not include our cantons in the original email, but I
did not have the ability to post to canton lists from my work account.

I will be posting private emails to this list minus personal information,
but only with the permission of the emails author.

I have seen some varied opinions on this topic and I would only like to see

Please post, we need to hear from everyone in Dragonsfire Tor, Loch Ruadh,
Three Bridges and Elfsea!

Thank your for your time.

Master Richard Fairbourne
Elfsea Seneschal

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Subject: [Elfsea] Baronial Investiture Dates

Greetings Elfsea!
 I wish to open up an online discussion regarding the possible dates,  for a
baronial investiture.

Recently I have been made aware that Elfsea Defender XXV may not be a
possibility for a baronial investiture. It has been communicated to me that
this would be too soon of a date for the populace to make this kind of a
decision. Also that if we did move forward and did have a polling and a new
baron and baroness was chosen that these people would not have the time
necessary to prepare the kind of investiture they would want.

My question to you Elfsea is do you feel this way?

Do you think it is too soon for a Baronial Polling to take place?

Do you feel that now is the time and you would like to see a polling take
place and the investiture made at Elfsea Defender XXV?

Do the potential candidates feel like they would not have enough time to
prepare a proper investiture if they were selected and were to be elevated
at Elfsea Defender XXV?

Do the candidates feel like they would have enough time to make the proper
preparations for an investiture at Elfsea Defender XXV?

If not Elfsea Defender XXV when do you think this should take place by?

Another event within the barony?

Another event outside the barony?

Another event specially made for just the Elfsea Baronial Investiture?

Elfsea it is time to make you opinions known. Everyone has an opinion on
this subject. There is no right or wrong opinion on this subject. What is
right is that you share your opinion. What would be wrong would be to keep
your opinion to yourself. I expect to hear an opinion on this matter from
every person on this list. You are on this list because you care about what
happens in this great barony.

Please, share your opinion as these opinions will shape our groups future.

Thank you all for your time and attention to this matter.

Master Richard Fairbourne
Elfsea Seneschal

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