[Elfsea] Knight Marshall's Buisness

Chris Norman chris at cncnorman.com
Tue Sep 2 17:29:30 PDT 2003

Greeting to the Great Populace of Elfsea,
I have a couple of Items of business I would like to address.

The first Item is I would like to extend my thanks to Vix for acting as my
Deputy Knight Marshall and assisting in the smooth transition of the office
between my self and Seamus. You will be missed. Having said that I am now
looking for people who would be interested in being the Deputy Knight
Marshall for Elfsea. I am searching for at least 2 volunteers but am willing
to take more. If you are interested in taking on this challenge please get
in touch with me.

On a second note on the discussion of fighter practices here is the drill
after discussing with Dirk the rapier Marshall this is what has been
decided. With only three weekends left before Defender and the heat running
late into the summer season this year it has been decided that Fighter
practice will continue at 5pm at Veterans Park till we run out of Light or
the First practice in October. I have been very vocal about keeping it at
5pm at fighter practice I have also announced it at moot and business
meetings and now on the list. I also have asked Timothy to change the web
page to reflect this. In the October Scroll it will begin listing the
Fighter Practice at 2pm.

If you have any questions concerns or gripes please feel free to come find
me and we can discuss them

In Service to the Barony and Kingdom
Elfsea Knight Marshall

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