[Elfsea] Name/Title Generator

giles nemeton blakrose at swbell.net
Thu Sep 4 13:07:51 PDT 2003

Neat... Colete, good find........
that was fun to play with.....

El Rey-In-Training of Sleeping With The Teacher, Cian
Oi Owenacht 

Lord of Rhinoceroseseses, Cian Oi Owenacht 

Assistant Centurion of The Nipple Coalition, Cian Oi
Owenacht, The Obsequious

Crown Pope Maximus of Haunted Houses, Cian Oi Owenacht

Sub Tsar of Smurfs, Cian Oi Owenacht 

Bailiff Emeritus of Boxer Briefs, Cian Oi Owenacht 

Dean of Panties, Cian Oi Owenacht 

Mufti of Panties, Cian Owenacht 

Cardinal Emeritus of Cats, Cian Oi Owenacht 

Great Director of The Slippery Banana Peel Society,
Cian Oi Owenacht 

Caesar of All Things Not Pertaining to Cheap Canadian
Beers, Cian Oi Owenacht 

Speaker Maximus of The Mauve Army of Raping and
Pillaging, Darth Cian Oi Owenacht 

Superintendent of Cannibalistic Rituals to the Glory
of Christopher Walken, Cian Owenacht 

Bondman of The Satanic Altar of Bone Appreciation
Society, Cian Oi Owenacht 

--- Colète_d'Évreux <Colete at StickJock.com> wrote:
> How fun...
> http://title.flywheel.org/
> You shall henceforth be known as: 
> Marshall of Making Cheerleaders Squeal, Colete
> d'Evreux 
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> 1978 
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