[Elfsea] Kragenworth Keep Bardic

Julie Self julie_self at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 5 00:05:58 PDT 2003

Greetings and Salutations Good Gentles!

Another bardic is upon us and we are looking forward to seeing you, tonight, 
Sept.5th!  Her Grace, Duchess Willow will be celebrating her birthday and 
offers a reward for the FUNNIEST presentation.  Also, Tiggy challenged a 
number of us to learn 'Farewell to Ansteorra' and, hopefully, we all have.

Bring your favorite bardic pieces, musical instruments, a chair, your 
beverage of choice and food to share.

The address is 6801 Beaty St., Ft.Worth.  Take your best route to Loop 820E 
and exit Craig St.  Go East approx. 5 blocks and go North on Hunter, to the 
'T'.  The house is gray and there will be a banner and a lantern on the 
porch.  If you get lost, call 817-492-9246 and we will direct you here.

Please remember that we have asked that no chikdren under the 9th grade be 
brought to bardic.

We look forward to your company!!!

Ly Gwenllian Hertewelle

Loch Ruadh Rocks!!

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