[Elfsea] Newcomer that has been absent lately (not directly sca related)

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Sun Sep 7 10:08:16 PDT 2003

This email, while to the whole group is directed at those who know me 
personally and tried so hard to make me feel welcome in the sca. This is meant as an 
explanation for my behavior and absence. And an apology.

I started attending SCA meeting and the like back in April of this year. It 
was shortly after I lost my baby brother to a freak illness that took his life 
in two short weeks. I was in denial and shock. I thought at the time I was ok, 
and ready to start a new life in the SCA. But in reality I was fooling 
myself. I needed time to grieve. I would find myself crying at the smallest things. 
I would wake up one day and seem fine and the next not want to get out of bed. 
This I am aware caused some confusion with those I became close with in the 
SCA. They may have felt that I was wishy washy or didnt realy like them, or 
appreciate them letting me in. This was farthest from the truth. And I am sorry 
for not explaining while it was happening. I don't really think I fully 
understood at the time.

While this was happening i was going through a ton of stuff at work. I was 
trying to get a promotion and they kept saying i would start the following week. 
Weeks turned into months and eventually I gave my notice. My last day was to 
be August 18th. I was then going to substiture teach. Friday before my last 
day my boss came to me with my promotion. I am now working as the warranty 
administrator, a job that works well with my full-time (evenings) school schedule 
at UTA.

I now have work under control and I am slowly getting back to "normal" after 
loosing my brother. What I am saying is that I hope you will welcome me back 
to the SCA. I am truly sorry to those I may have offended or "blown off" during 
the rough time of my life.

Brigit, I have the items that you so generously loaned. I will drop them off 
at fighter practice on september 14th. I have a huge amount of homework to 
catch up on this weekend. I don't know if you will be at the bedford boys ranch 
on Wednesday or not (or if they still have "unofficial" fighter practice then 
or not) but if you are let me know and i will try to give them to you then. I 
get home around 9:00 from school and live on the ranch. Please let me know.

Thank you for letting me take the time to explain. I am sorry to those of you 
who have no idea who i am. 

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