[Elfsea] Keller Library Demo - Rapier Fighters, take note

Valentyn Drake DonValentyn at JeffTurnerFiction.com
Mon Sep 8 18:08:07 PDT 2003

It has been nearly 24 hours since my last post on this topic.  To my dismay,
the number of rapier fighters committed to the demo has yet to increase past

I am going to pester daily until more of you commit.

"But Valentyn," you may be thinking, "I've just started fighting recently.
I'm hardly an expert."

This does not matter.

The audience at the demo doesn't care if you've won Queens.  The audience
does not care if you have all your own equipment.  The audience wants to see
whether or not you're having fun, because if you're having fun, *they* might
find the SCA fun.  Thus, the only ability you must display is the ability to
have fun.

I know you have had fun before.

Consider this: a demonstration of your three months of fencing may inspire a
12 year old to put down the stinking Nintendo for a while and pick up a copy
of Ivanhoe or The Three Musketeers.  The paper kind, I mean.  With words.

That's tonight's appeal for help.  On Wednesday I'll start guilt-tripping,
Thursday comes the threats, and Friday is outright begging.  Don't make me
descend to such base techniques.  Reply to this message with, "I'd be happy
to serve my barony, my kingdom, and the mundane public for a few short hours
on Saturday!"

Good night,

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