[Elfsea] Keller Library Demo - Rapier Fighters, take note

Nancy Chevalier chevalier8278 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 9 07:31:28 PDT 2003


Since the mail is being a little slow in delivering my
new gear.  I will be there to bum a few pieces of gear
from folks so that you can chase me around the demo

In Service,
--- Spence Mabry <smabry at flash.net> wrote:
> And I second his comments.  If you want to even try
> rapier, the loaner
> gear will be there.  And we are going to be
> interspersed with mundane
> fencers, so we can show them what it is really like
> (yes, I think it is
> the same group of people from last year)!
> Ceatta
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> Fighters, take note
> It has been nearly 24 hours since my last post on
> this topic.  To my
> dismay, the number of rapier fighters committed to
> the demo has yet to
> increase past one.
> I am going to pester daily until more of you commit.
> "But Valentyn," you may be thinking, "I've just
> started fighting
> recently. I'm hardly an expert."
> This does not matter.
> The audience at the demo doesn't care if you've won
> Queens.  The
> audience does not care if you have all your own
> equipment.  The audience
> wants to see whether or not you're having fun,
> because if you're having
> fun, *they* might find the SCA fun.  Thus, the only
> ability you must
> display is the ability to have fun.
> I know you have had fun before.
> Consider this: a demonstration of your three months
> of fencing may
> inspire a 12 year old to put down the stinking
> Nintendo for a while and
> pick up a copy of Ivanhoe or The Three Musketeers. 
> The paper kind, I
> mean.  With words.
> That's tonight's appeal for help.  On Wednesday I'll
> start
> guilt-tripping, Thursday comes the threats, and
> Friday is outright
> begging.  Don't make me descend to such base
> techniques.  Reply to this
> message with, "I'd be happy to serve my barony, my
> kingdom, and the
> mundane public for a few short hours on Saturday!"
> Good night,
> Valentyn
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