[Elfsea] OT -- Huge Garage Sale and a good oppurtunity to find SCA stuff

CE Huse/Lady Maria ldy_maria at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 11 07:25:33 PDT 2003


I just wanted to let everyone know that Antique Alley is coming again! There
have been some talk here on the list of where can you buy SCA supplies. This
last Spring I went with my mom and we covered only half of the 14 miles and
I saw lots of stuff that could be used for feast gear, some really georgeous
material, trailers and camping equipment.

Antique Alley Starts in downtown Cleburne and goes all the way down HWY. 4
into downtown Cleburne. There are some people there that have crafts, but
for the most part it's a really huge garage sale.

Mom and I are having a garage sale that weekend (in Grandview). I won't have
any SCA stuff, but I am going to have household goods, baby clothes and
mudane clothes (my old work clothes that I can't wear anymore...they are in
excellant to good condition) and I forget what else. Plus, my mom and my
grandma are going to have a ton of stuff, too. If you want more info as to
were her house is in Grandview, let me know and I'll give you directions.

Here's the web-site for Antique Alley for those that are interested:


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