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Thu Sep 11 10:47:50 PDT 2003

> I have a person donating free baklava for
> the nibbles so we can have both :)

And my assistant said she would work out washing stations so people can get
the sticky off their fingers after eating the baklava.  I did get a drummer
pointing out that they cannot eat baklava because the sticky interferes
with their handwork, but he's reserving some of the kushkhananaj.

> BTW, I have a number of single burner butane pads on
> which to cook/warm.  Also several sterno-fired chaffing
> assemblies. So if you are not cooking/warming through
> lack of stuff, I have stuff.

Thanks, Caelin.  It wasn't so much that - this is supposed to be evening
snacks after a very filling feast, to be eaten while lounging about the
dance competition tent.  We also have a fairly limited budget.  Anything
that needs cooking or warming is along the lines of dinner food - kebabs,
meatlumps, and such.  Staying to snacks pretty much eliminates the need for
cooking or warming, and fits more with the time and feeling of the
competition.  We're just trying to take the edge off an 11:00pm peckish,
not replace dinner.

We will have fruit and stuff for the dancers in addition to the out-front
snacks, but I'm trying to limit it to finger foods that can sit around
until people think they are hungry, without going dry or rubbery or weird. 
And I am leery about open flame (nixed my assistant's idea of tiki torches
for lighting), even sterno unless we have it attended, around all the veils
and other ME garments - not to mention the inattentive public in general.

                                      ---= Morgan

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