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If you are coming from the Arlington/Fort Worth area, make your way to
I-35E north (this would be from I-20, I-30,183 or 114.  Take the Walnut
Hill exit and turn right (east). Turn right at Harry Hines (south).  Turn
right (west) on Perth which is just a couple of blocks south of Walnut
Hill.  Best Fabrics and Mr. Sewing Machine are a little further south and
are actually on Harry Hines.  Good Hunting.


On Fri, 12 Sep 2003 09:00:52 -0700 "Jhan Knebel" <rixende at mail2noble.com>
This link is to Best Fabrics, which is on the Corner of Harry Hines and
Perth Street. 


Since I'm not sure wehre you are comign from, you can make your own
directions! ;-)


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Greets Elfsea! 

Can anyone give me directions to the fabric district in Dallas? I want
area where there are a bunch of those buildings are right together ..i
one of the shops is ABC or sth like that? 



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