[Elfsea] Keller Library Demo

Colète d'Évreux Colete at StickJock.com
Sat Sep 13 07:36:45 PDT 2003

I believe I read there will be more light weapons fighters there.... a total
of 5 if I remember correctly. Or were they just possibilities? As far as
heavy weapons goes, I'm set to fight as long as you need and I'm sure my
little brother Armand will be full of spunk today. I'll also be happy to do
a Q&A session with the public about tournaments, armour, and war.

    We're heading out soon. See you there.


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 Right now, I have only commitments from Don Valentyn, Colete
and Armand to show up to fight.  Who else?  We don't want to let these
people down, folks!

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