[Elfsea] Online Photo Album

Colète d'Évreux Colete at StickJock.com
Sat Sep 13 22:30:21 PDT 2003

Armand, my brother...

    I was taking a walk down "Ansteorran Memory Lane" tonight, viewing old
photos on the website you created so long ago. In case I've never mentioned
it before, thank you for the dilligent work you've put into the site. It
kept me close to home the years while I was away in the Army and living in
Trimaris. And tonight, it takes me back to memories of friends in victorious
moments, Timo and his antics, Squire Drake <smirk>, Sir Galen's blossoming
years, Corbin's wit, Wolf in woad, knights washing dishes, Gunthar's
cooking, Archibald and his stinging blows, Mara's smile, Duke Seamus and a
gift he once gave me, first wars, lessons learned, etc. I mention this
publicly, because I know I am not the only one who benifits from the site.
Many of us hold personal memories in the pictures you've displayed, and in
turn will later see the doccumentation of the lives we lead presently in the
SCA... thanks to you.

With Gratidude,
Madame Colete... who's feeling quite like an "old dragon" tonight

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