[Elfsea] Keller Demo Thank-Yous and recap

Valentyn Drake DonValentyn at JeffTurnerFiction.com
Sun Sep 14 12:21:48 PDT 2003

Diane Devonshire and Melissa are the rapier names you're looking for.   :)


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> Well, yesterday turned out to be a great day for a demo and for fighting
> at the Keller Public Library.  For all of you who turned out, I want to
> say "Thank You" in a very heartfelt manner.  For the Third straight year,
> we have been the center-piece of their little demo (in fact, their
> coordinator said she didn't think it would be successful IF we weren't
> there!  That should make all of us feel good!) and we have already been
> invited back for their 4th Medieval Faire next year.  So start planning.
> The weather cooperated perfectly for all the fighters, both heavy and
> light and I want to thank all those who were there.  In the heavy lists,
> we had Earl Drake, Mistress Stella, His Next-cllency Armand Dragonetti,
> Colete, Tomas, Tristan, Conner, Louis, Finn, Irina and 2 others whose
> names escape me at the moment.  In the rapier list, we had Don Valentyn,
> Dirk the Just, Rixende, Seamus, Caelin, and one other whose name also
> escapes me.  To those people, I humbly apologize.  
> Pyro, Genevieve, Aeryn Robin, Siobhan and her mother, Wormy, Her
> Next-cllency Amilene, Siobhan ui Neill. Brighid Ni Sheachnasigh and
> Mistress Stella all had wonderful demos going on.  Tara, Don Alaric,
> Daniel Stewart, their next-cellenices children, Colete's children, and
> again a couple of others whose names I missed aided and assisted and made
> this a wonderful event.  Mistress Stella and I had classes scheduled, but
> mine got pre-emptied by two wonderful ladies from the Greater Fort Worth
> Herbal Society, so I yielded to them.  There was even live harp music by
> the MicheMalou Celtic Harps (a wonder to listen to) and wee ones from La
> Touche Fencing fencing in-between our bouts.
> And to top it off, we had, at last count, 14 -- that's right, FOURTEEN --
> people to show enough interest in us to ask for more information.
> And special thanks to Lady Sibri for providing two photo albums of Elfsea
> history for display!
> This is starting to be one of our bigger recruiting events, so if you were
> not able to make it out this year, please plan on it for next year.  As
> things progress, I will keep everyone informed!
> Lord Ceatta o Gulcleth
> Demo Coordinator, Barony of Elfsea
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