[Elfsea] Cook's Guild

Crandall crandall at elfsea.net
Tue Sep 16 10:07:52 PDT 2003

Oh, the horror!!!

Knowing that Caelin and Seamus are important to the very existance of Elfsea;
And Knowing that I am a mere No-Count of Elfsea;

I Therefore Propose a Compromise:

That this dish, (especially those made by Morgan or Caelin) and all others declared inedible, and a danger to Elfsea and her fine People, be sent over to my Keep and thus safely removed from the temptations of those who will suffer from ingesting those foodstuffs. 

So say I, Crandall

>both Caelin and Seamus quickly and vigorously denounced it as
>terrible, inedible, a horror to the palate.  These noble gentlemen then
>argued animatedly between themselves as to who would be the one to sacrifice
>himself and consume the entire bowlful so that none of the rest of us would
>have to suffer from tasting it.
>Such nobility!  Such sacrifice!  Such hogwash!

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