[Elfsea] Need to borrow stuff for Hafla

Lady saviti ddancer_saviti at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 17 09:58:10 PDT 2003

Hello :)

I need to ask a huge favor for the Hafla at Defender.
I am in need of more rugs and Christmas lights for the
tent. The tent is HUGE (you could park two 18 wheelers
under it) and I have gotten some rugs, pillows and
lights from Duchess Larissa, Lady Dangerous and Lady
Isabel (THANK YOU!!!)but there is still so much space
to fill. I will have tarps under the rugs and I will
be more than happy to pick up and drop off loaned

This Hafla is setting the bar for future competitions
and so very many people have worked very hard to make
this a night to remember. I am honored beyond belief
to have had a part of this historical moment and to
have worked with so many people who have been generous
with both their time and resources. To say thank you
is just not enough. I cannot find words that truly
express just how grateful I am to all those who are
helping to create such a magical night. I am in your

In service,
HL Brigit

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