[Elfsea] Award Rec's WAS: Baronail OP

Kate Rayburn anezka at elfsea.net
Thu Sep 18 20:09:21 PDT 2003

Just so everyone is aware (especially in getting ready for Dragonsfire Tor
Yule Revel) Their Nextellencies have asked that once they step up they
receive award recommendations AT LEAST a month prior to our events (so right
after Crown for DFT Yule) so they have time to confer with the Crown, make
certain scrolls and insignia are ready and generally can give each
recommendation its due weight rather than rushing through them in the last
days before an event.

Personal Thought: Plus, if we give our recommendations earlier we are more
likely to think in terms of the whole Barony instead of just the people who
are doing a lot right before the event.  Remember that recommendations can
be sent in at any time, not just before our events.  Oh, and if Lord and
Lady Elfsea so choose, they may give Portcullises at functions other than
calendar events (such as Moot or Fool's Revel) so don't feel the need to
wait on those recommendations.  If you wait too long to write it, you might
forget that you were going to.


Arabella wrote:

>On another note has everyone put in his or her award recommendations for
our up coming 

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