[Elfsea] Corn Maze

Chris Baran chris_baran at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 19 07:16:17 PDT 2003

Greetings to my fellow Ansteorrans,

I am needing to hear back from the fighters of the metroplex ASAP.  I am in 
touch with the owners of the corn maze just east of Dallas and am 
negotiating a date for the use of their maze for a melee event.  After 
looking at the calendar, it seems that November 29th is the only open date.  
I know this is the weekend after Thanksgiving, but this event will be a day 
trip thing only.

I need to know how many fighters think they would be able to attend on this 
weekend.  Please e-mail me privately if you want.  I need to set a date with 
him before Wed. the 24th so let me know.

This is a rare opportunity to do something fun and different so I encourage 
everyone to let me know.

Oh yea, non-fighters are welcome as well...everyone will get an opportunity 
to walk the maze.

Equis Romanius

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