[Elfsea] OT: Valentyn's public service announcement

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Fri Sep 19 16:23:39 PDT 2003

Thanks for the general warning Valentyn.  Also another tip off is that
the senders email address is not from Microsoft.  That's a big tip off
right there that it's a virus

Thanks for taking time out to warn everyone,


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Another email virus is running around right now -- the email looks like
from Microsoft, tries to get you to install an attachment which
will protect your computer from certain vulnerabilities.

Just in case anyone on the list is tempted to run the attachments:
NEVER pushes security upgrades, patches, or anything else out blindly.
only way you get a file from us is to request it directly.  The email
the current virus was actually written pretty well; it looks quite a bit
like a Microsoft web page.  It's not, though, and like anything else,
shouldn't run it if you don't know whence it came.

If you're using a Windows operating system, go to Windows Update and get
real security patches.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled barony.


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