[Elfsea] Affordable Feast Gear

antigonus bearbait antigonus at lycos.com
Sun Sep 21 00:10:51 PDT 2003

Greetings to everyone – 

Tiggy here.

I am dropping this heads-up to both the Elfsea and Loch-Ruadh lists.

But, I am always on the lookout for decent affordable feast gear – thrift shops and garage sales are always favorite stomping grounds, but their stock is not terribly reliable.

Some friends took me to the FOUR STAR COFFEE BAR this week – really great place, by the way.  They have a reading room and host local bands.  The coffee isn’t bad, either.

However, while there, I noticed that they have some ceramics from a local artist there for sale.  I’m working on getting his contact information.  There is a display there of a number of cups, goblets, and small bowls  – most of them made from what appears to be sandstone.  They are all hand cast, and range in price from $4.00 -- $6.00.  They are good, durable pieces from what I can tell.  All are relatively plain and unadorned, some with designs that were drawn in while the sand was still wet.  The best part is that the majority of it LOOKS PERIOD.  The cups are relatively small, and the goblets are short-stemmed.

I just wanted to let everyone know – because these prices are for BRAND NEW HAND-MADE ITEMS.  As I said, they are relatively plain and simple – but excellent for some one new in the SCA, or just to pick up some extra drinking vessels.  They are glazed and sold for drinking.

The address is 3324 West 7th Street, Fort Worth.  The phone number is 817-336-5555.

I just thought I’d let people know.

Thanx –


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