[Elfsea] Zodicus's call

Colète d'Évreux Colete at StickJock.com
Mon Sep 22 06:44:28 PDT 2003

I think kingdom OP changes are running a little slow right now. I sent a
request for an update about a month ago, but it's still untouched.


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> Greetings,
> I'm not sure to whom this needs to go.  So I'll address the list and see
> responds.
> During Duke Patrick Michael's Coronation feast, on July 13, 2002, I was
> awarded my Azure Keystone.  (The date provided by the Baronial OP kept by
> Anezka, thank you) Fine and good.
> It does *not* appear on the Kingdom OP.
> Also during that Court, opened during Patrick Michael's feast, Genevieve
> her AoA.  She also does not appear on the Kingdom OP.
> Did a court report not get sent?  I discussed this issue with Master
> before he stepped down and nothing came from it.  How do we get that
> listed/changed?  Does our new Herald make the correction, or does the
> who was the herald at the time do it?  Wasn't that Tomas?  Does Daniel
> to respond since it was his court?
> Help!
> HL Arabella
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