[Elfsea] The Chivalric list mistress table and teenagers

Lisa Duke arabella at elfsea.net
Thu Sep 25 22:44:30 PDT 2003

Greetings to all of you,

Many of you know I will be the Chivalric List Mistress for Elfsea Defender.
I have recruited teenage help, mainly my daughter, Elizabeth du Bois
(Jennifer Lauren) and her best friend and my adopted daughter Nicolle
Sartain (no SCA name yet).  Another newcomer, Jocelyne, will be helping as
well. (I know I butchered that spelling, sorry sweetie.)  These are 2 really
terrific teenagers and are helping with a great attitude and because I asked
really nicely.

As you know teenagers, especially 16-year-olds, value their sleep.  I had a
discussion with Elizabeth tonight and the eyes rolled and moaned when I told
her how early we needed to be up to do our job.  I asked her, "What I could
provide for you so you could be awake, alert and in a good mood."  I
explained she was doing something very needed and nice for me; I should do
something in return for her.

She replied, "Anything sweet."  She really wants the morning sugar rush.  I
will provide her with sweet breakfast stuff and sodas.  But what she really
wants is chocolate.   I, being a diabetic, have a really hard time
purchasing something I truly love and can't have.  I was wondering if some
of you could help me out?

Gifts of chocolate from others might be a really cool way for Elizabeth and
Nicolle to have some fun: especially if there will be some flowery speeches,
and grandiose persona play.  Please don't feel obligated it's just an idea
and might be fun for them.

HL Arabella

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