[Elfsea] Loaner garb for the somewhat tall...

Valentyn Drake DonValentyn at JeffTurnerFiction.com
Fri Sep 26 14:48:19 PDT 2003

If anyone happens to have a tunic (or something simple and comfortable for
outside) that you wouldn't mind loaning out for the day, would you please
contact me?  I *just* got a call from a friend in Rosenfeld who's bringing
her boyfriend to his first SCA event, and alas, possessing a perfectly sized
body myself, I have nothing that will fit a 6'4" man.

If you do own such a garment and wouldn't mind loaning it out, I'd be very
grateful.  I won't be on site until tomorrow morning; until then, I can be
reached at 817-996-7929.


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